There’s so much to discover…

When your children set out to understand the world ... that’s when we understand them!

Thanks to our wide choice of activity options, at our Discovery Hotel Panorama there’s always something new! Whether we set out to explore the great outdoors, or take part in hotel activities such as engraving, cooking/baking or splashing around in the pool: there’s something for everyone.

What sets us apart from the rest …
Playful recreation
Together, we can achieve more!

Activity workshop | Hands-on activities | Our own workshop for junior carpenters, painters, tailors and engravers.

Playing and discovering
“Let’s build sand castles …

and splash around in the pools and along the waterways. Children can climb up trees into hobbit houses … or stroke tame rabbits in the petting zoo!”.

In the water
“Ma, I can sail a boat all by myself”

“See where I’ll take you …” All at our new Aqua World and sauna area!

Hanging out
“With Dad…

thinking about tomorrow. I’m so tired I could fall asleep right here!”.

New flavours
“Sweets and treats & yummy tastes”

“Know what? I’ve already figured out how the cook makes it!”

Let’s go on a trip together
“There’s something new to do here every day”

“With Mom and Dad, we’ve planned an excursion into the valley. Maybe we’ll go by bike, by car — or even by bus”

Farm animals
“Watch them milk tame cows! I could do that too!”

“We learned how organic milk is made and how milk is turned into cheese. Yay!”