A Zoo for Learners

At the Discovery Hotel Panorama petting zoo children of all ages are thrilled at the idea of being able to come up close to our tame animals, an experience stimulating all the senses.

Seeing the animals close up, being able to touch and stroke them, listening to the sounds they make and noting their smell, can all be quite overwhelming for city kids. Rabbits, goats, cows, horses and cats all love being petted, and certainly not less than the kids themselves. Learning to look after and feeding our tame zoo animals is both fun and exciting, helping children to develop a sense of care and empathy for the creatures.

Ever tried feeding a bunny carrots? What about grooming a horse or milking a cow? Have you ever felt the softness of sheep’s wool? Our learning zoo is ready to provide all the answers to your children’s many questions and with some exciting surprises in

What sets us apart from the rest …
Ma, I can sail a boat all by myself

You’ll have plenty of fun at our new Aqua and Sauna World — just perfect for families.

Entdecker Hotel - Adventskalender 2023

Heuer gibt es ihn wieder, unseren Entdecker Hotel ADVENTKALENDER. Am ersten Dezember öffnet sich sein erstes Türchen. Lassen Sie sich wieder Tag für Tag verzaubern. Sichern Sie sich kostenlose Geschenk-Gutscheine und verbringen Sie einen traumhaften Urlaub in Südtirol.

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