Our Discovery Playground

Building sand castles, damming up the watercourses or just splashing around in the watercourse in the Discovery Hotel playground. Hide-and-seek in the tree hut and watching the little rabbits hopping about in the garden is child’s play!

Our play areas offer just about everything a junior explorer might wish for!

True adventurers and explorers are no layabouts! Whether it’s the petting zoo, in the playground or in the workshop/drawing room: the kids can play, run, hide and make new friends. The kids’ workshop has been organised for junior carpenters, painters, tailors or woodcarvers to create works — together with their parents. Including baking homemade bread!

Our Discovery Hotel Panorama
What sets us apart from the rest …
Junior explorers
When our children discover the world... that’s when we discover our children!

With Elisabeth, our family crafts supervisor in charge of the drawing room, you don't easily run out of ideas. The weekly program offers a varied range of activity options.

Our Play Area
Outdoor activities & Inside

Outdoor children's play-area

  • Playground with sandpit, hobbit house and tree house
  • Watercourse: damming and splashing allowed!
  • Petting zoo with tame goats and rabbits

Indoor children's play area

  • Drawing room & recreational area for playing, dressing up, drawing, making handcrafts and new friends
  • Workshop for junior carpenters, painters, tailors or woodcarvers. Baking bread in the hotel kitchen.
What sets us apart from the rest …
Ich kann Süsses schmecken und Leckeres entdecken

Ich weiss, wie Saueres auf meiner Zunge tanzt und habe schon ganz viel erraten, wie der Koch unser Essen so lecker macht.