We are open!

Here are the new provisions on Covid19

As our doors once again open to visitors, our children’s need for outdoor movement and exploring nature without safety concerns has never been greater. Meanwhile, we’ve been preparing for this special moment to make sure that everything is ready so you can spend some much-needed quality time with your children. Come and see for yourself!

A prime location with wide open spaces

Lying at above 1,000 m, our hotel is bordered by meadows, forests and mountains. Nature abounds, offering unbridled opportunities ideal for exploring, playing and just romping around. Our guests can look forward to all this and more!

Enhanced check-in/check-out procedures and organization

For your added protection, we provide hygienic masks for mouth and nose, without blurring your vision! We’ve also introduced an online check-in option for our guests. To prevent crowing around the reception desk, your invoice can be forwarded to your e-mail address the evening before checking out. Contactless EC card payment remains one of our payment options. Hand-disinfection dispensers have been conveniently installed around the hotel for use at any time.

Facial protection versus holiday feeling

As of 1 May 2022, the wearing of a face covering is no longer mandatory. The use of a face covering in all closed spaces open to the public is still recommended.

To continue to ensure collective safety, all persons over 6 years of age must wear an FFP2 mask on public transport.

Overall hygiene and cleanliness

  • General information

The most frequented areas in the hotel continue to be thoroughly ventilated. Our sanitation procedures have been stepped up, particularly in common areas such as bathrooms and WC’s, the reception, restaurant and kitchen. This extends to the spa and wellness area, handrails, door handles, light switches and lift interiors. Throughout our establishment, built-in sensors provide hands-free illumination in all common areas. Long before the arrival of COVID-19, hygiene has always been a priority at our hotel, so you’ll hardly notice the difference.

  • Your Room

According to the latest scientific studies, ozone treatment is the most effective way of combating viruses and germs. We guarantee that prior to your arrival every room is treated in this manner. During the daily cleaning service, your room is thoroughly aerated with its own cleaning materials - such as cloths and dusters. Thanks to a colour-coding system, we make sure these belong to each room. This system has been introduced to guarantee traceability and transparency.
Needless to say, each room is provided with its own disinfectant dispensers.

Catering and cuisine

At the dinner table, very few changes have been introduced: we’ve seen to it that each guest has enough room to him or herself – how could one enjoy one’s meal otherwise? And our table service remains as before. Out of consideration for the others, face-masks should be worn and the hands should be desinfected when coming and going to and from the buffet.

As for the customary South Tyrolean Marende, we’ve come up with something special: you can order a custom picnic basket with your preferred afternoon snacks to enjoy at your pleasure. Our kids certainly love it – and we’re sure that yours will love it too!

Aqua World

We’re delighted to offer you an infinity pool with what we believe might well be the most breath-taking view of the entire Val Pusteria/Pustertal Valley. The Aqua World includes a sunbathing lawn without any restrictions. An indoor pool, baby pool and water slide are also accessible and fully operational.  All we ask is that our guests maintain a required safety distancing of at least 1 m from others.

Children's workshop

Our junior guests (‘mini-explorers’, as we call them) are big fans of our children’s workshop – and we hope it will stay that way. Since, due to the safety regulations, we’ve had to limit entry to fewer ‘explorers’ at any one time. Group sessions have been split into smaller sizes, according to a booking timetable, so that anyone who wants to join us should to be able to do so – and in complete safety! After each session, all tools are thoroughly disinfected – to ensure that kids always use squeaky-clean tools and instruments to come up with their innovative new ideas.

New Regulations: Booking Cancellations During Covid-19

In keeping with the developing coronavirus situation, the notice period for cancelling bookings has been reduced to just 3 days prior to arrival. Thus, cancellations of bookings made up to 3 days prior to your arrival are free of any penalties. To counter the spread of COVID-19 infection, governments introduce travel restrictions at short notice limiting the freedom of movement. In the event of cancellations, a medical certificate is required.

The general cancellation conditions for for summer 2022 and for winter 2022/23 can be found here.

We are looking immensely forward to welcoming you and your children back again to our Discovery Hotel, and we’ll do everything possible to make sure you’ll want to keep coming back!

Since changes in regulations and specifications are announced on a weekly basis, we are obliged to adjust our procedures accordingly.

(as of: 01.05.2022)